After a mysterious encounter with the caretaker at the New York Museum of Art, news reporter Ann Roberson, realizes that she is in a race against time to save humanity from destruction.

Ann discovers that the trumpet, which she has been “babysitting” for the past twenty-odd years, belongs to “The Guardian of God” and it holds the key to man’s salvation. Having spent nearly half her life watching over this antique trumpet, Ann now understands the reason for its existence.

At six months old (Nicholas) The Guardian of God, has a seizure and is forced to live the first twenty-one years of his life in an infantile state. No one suspects that this autistic child is the man that God has chosen to save The world.

After being brutally murdered, the great sorcerer, Navatali Metavaldi, swears to get his revenge on the three families that murdered him. Four-hundred years later he rises from the dead to do just that. With his new source of power, which he receives from having three of the Books of the Dead, he plans to annihilate all of humanity.

With possession of the fourth book he will have the power to raise Satan up from hell and Death. With the world now at his mercy, The Guardian of God must rise and stop this evil Beast of Satan from succeeding. This evil sorcerer’s plan has seemingly laid the groundwork for an epic battle between good and evil; the likes of which the world has never seen.

After Robert (a former gang member from Detroit) has a run in with the law, he is scared straight. Desiring to change his ways he meets an unheralded automotive genius who later adopts him, after his mother dies, and teaches him the art of automotive design, engineering, and the leadership of the industry.

The brilliance of this young man’s genius is quickly realized by everyone, but himself, and because of this oversight of his, he spends the majority of his young life believing that Wally (his father) is the true genius. After news of this young genius reaches the ears of the big wigs of corporate America he realizes that he can no longer avoid his destiny.

When Marryna Motors, an ailing automotive company, learns about this young genius’ success they come knocking at his door. At first he refuses their offer, but after a little prompting from his father, he comes to realize that this is his true calling. With Robert now at the helm Marryna Motors rises from the brink of corporate death, and soon become number one in the automotive industry.

After Christ gave up the Ghost and died on the cross, most of the world was left to believe that he had completed his earthly ministry. In the hearts of believers, Christ had successfully delivered man from the devil’s grip; and salvation was now just a breath away. The stone that was placed before the sepulcher served as the final doorway for Christ, or so many was left to believe.  What many do not know is this: As one door was shut and blocked by a great seal and stone as was mandated by man, another burst opened.

If you think what Jesus Christ did while he was upon the earth was glorious and a wonder to man, wait until you discover what he did after he died . . . for what Jesus Christ did next was something no one could have ever imagined!