The Commandments of Love is a book that teaches you how to live by the principles and precepts of God’s Agape love The words of this book came to me a vision, along with the complete knowledge of its contents in 1.2 seconds. The time it took God to put the knowledge of this book in my head was equal to one human pace. This event occurred as I passed through the door on my way in to work one day.

Here is the question that I shall now put before you:  What would you do if you were suddenly given a two thousand year old mystery? The answer . . . you announce it LOUDLY to the world. Countless pastors, teachers, and even students will pore over this book. I introduce insightful knowledge of the gospel in this book. Many portions of this book divulge the complete understanding of the parables of Christ.

The Commandments of Love opens up the meaning of many of the sayings in the epistles of the apostles especially in the area of God’s love towards man. This book is packed with scripture, and it is presented in a skilled demonstration of the Holy Spirit. The Commandments of Love reminds its readers to be ever-mindful of the practical application of the gospel. The author has made use of over 500 scriptures in this book to convey the importance of God’s love.

PROBLEM: The false prophets in the world have 98% of believers off course. God’s power is not embedded in faith alone; but in his love. Faith cannot work without LOVE. The reason Jesus Christ commanded us to love one another was because love, when coupled with a person’s FAITH, is the true healing power of God.

The world and the church are one hundred miles off course from a one mile trip. Just as the Jews walked mindlessly through the desert for 40 years for an eight day trip. Even so also is the church today mindlessly marching about. As a result of the knowledge of this, I knew that I had to write this book, so that men everywhere could learn of God’s true love for his man and find their way home to God.