To Make "True" Disciple of Christ.


The words of this book are based upon Christ’s own declaration: “I am the way, the truth, and the life . . .”St. John 14:6. Beloved, I am come unto you as a friend, and truly I write unto you with much fear and trembling in the Holy Ghost. I come only to testify unto the truth; and in him is no lie, even Jesus Christ, our Lord. Today there is utterly a fault in the church from the least to the greatest: Many who preach haven’t been sent, and many who teach have not the anointing; and still a great number who prophesy unto you, prophesy lies.

The Impossible Way Trilogy peels back the many layers of false teachings that have left people hopelessly lost without God. This book is a tool that can help restore (reconcile) the reader back to their rightful place in God. Too many believers today are living beneath their spiritual privilege, and as a result they remain in bondage to the doctrines of men and traditional religions.  The Impossible Way Trilogy is a book of instructions written in hopes of making “ALL” true Disciples of Christ.

Areas of Focus:

  • Teaches you how to identify the voice of God
  • Teach you why God is so attached to His creation
  • Despite your religious affiliation “ALL” must be born again.
  • Discover why faith and love are the golden keys to life in the kingdom of God.


In  Book  I  “THE  WAY,”  you  will  learn  how  to  hear,  understand,  and  follow  the  voice  of  God; and how  to  distinguish  his voice from all others. The  words  in  this  book  are  based  upon  Jesus’  own  declaration:  “I  am  the  WAY,  the TRUTH,  and  the  LIFE  .  .  .” found in St.  John 14:6.

After reading this book you will discover why and how Christ is the actual WAY” to the heavenly Father that we should be following. You will also learn why faith and love are the golden keys to life in the kingdom of God. I pray that you will learn how to apply the knowledge of this book to your life as you grow in faith. This  book  was  written  in  hopes  of  making “ALL”  Disciples  of  Christ. After reading this book you will understand why God has been waiting so patiently to meet you.


In  Book  II: THE  TRUTH,  you  will  learn  what  the  truth  of  God  is,  and  how  Christ  was  the  truth  from heaven. You shall learn how to identify God’s voice in your hearing and how he speaks to you. Moreover, you will discover what it is you need to do in the kingdom of God to truly become a light to others in this world. The  words  of  this  book  are  based  upon  Christ’s  declaration:  “I  am  the  WAY,  the TRUTH, and the LIFE .  .  .” found in St. John 14:6.

This  Holy  Ghost  inspired  book  will  have  every  reader  re-examining their  faith  in  Jesus Christ,  their  walk  in  God,  and  even  the  way  they currently  display God’s Agape love in this world. This book unlocks  many of the  mysteries of Christ as it explores  many of the  wonderful  messages of God’s love. By the end of your reading you will have acquired a better understanding of who the person of Christ was in the flesh, and what the will of the heavenly Father is for all men, everywhere. As you learn how to apply the knowledge in this book to your life as you grow in Christ, you  will  also learn  about  the  Constancy,  the  Fidelity,  and  the  Faithfulness  of  God  in  the  Reality  of Himself.


In  Book  III  “THE  LIFE,”  you  will  learn  how  to  hear,  detect  and  obey  the  voice  of  God,  and  how  to  distinguish His voice from all others. You will learn how to identify Christ’s voice as the Shepherd of your soul and how he speaks to you. Moreover, you will learn why Christ is actually the LIFE of all life. You will understand why he died that you might live.  By  learning  these  things  you  will  discover  what  your  part  is  in  the  kingdom  of  God,  and how  you  can  truly  become  a  light  to  others  in  this  world.

This book asks only one question of its readers: Does the way you currently display God’s Agape love in the world, truly satisfy the plan and will of God? Above all else, you will learn the reasons why the miracles in St. Mark 16:16-18, are not occurring in the church today,  and  why  the  ministers  and  preachers  of  our  day  have  not  been  able to bring  forth  the Word with signs following. By permission of the Holy Spirit I am only asking you to listen to the voice of God today. This book is a spiritual net, written in hopes of capturing “ALL MEN” and making them Disciples of Christ. My one and only prayer for you is that you do not go, The Impossible Way.

THE COMMANDMENTS OF LOVE: Love is God’s Measuring Stick

The Commandments of Love came to me a vision.  The Lord Jesus Christ said to me; “Faith grows greater in power the further it gets from sight.” Here is the question . . . What would you do if you were suddenly given a two thousand year old mystery? The answer for me was simple .  .  .  announce it “LOUDLY” to the world. This  book  as a skilled  demonstration of  the  Holy  Spirit, with power.

The Commandments of Love opens up the meaning of  many  of  the  sayings  in  the  epistles, especially  in  the arena  of  God’s  love towards  man. This book reminds  its  readers  to  be  mindful  of  the  practical  application of love found in the  gospel. It shows every reader how God’s power is actually embedded in His Agape love. Jesus Christ commanded us to love one another, for LOVE, he declared, would be the true sign to all men that we were his children. Love is the true healing power of God. Jesus asked the question: “. . . when the Son of Man cometh, shall he find faith on the earth?” St. Luke 18:8. This wasn’t a question of FAITH, but a question of LOVE!


After a mysterious encounter with the caretaker at the New York Museum of Art, news reporter Ann Roberson, realizes that she is in a race against time to save humanity from destruction. She discovers that the trumpet, which she has been “babysitting” for the past twenty odd years, belongs to “The Guardian of God” and it holds the key to man’s salvation. Having spent nearly half her life watching over this antique trumpet, Ann now understands the reason for its existence.

At six months old (Nicholas) The Guardian of God, has a seizure and is forced to live the first twenty-one years of his life in an infantile state. No one suspects that this autistic child is the man that God has chosen to save the world.

After being brutally murdered, the great sorcerer, Navatali Metavaldi, swears to get his revenge on the three families that murdered him. Four-hundred years later he rises from the dead to do just that. With his new source of power, which he receives from having three of the Books of the Dead, he plans to annihilate all of humanity. With possession of the fourth book he will have the power to raise Satan up from hell and Death. With the world now at his mercy, The Guardian of God must rise and stop this evil Beast of Satan from succeeding. This evil sorcerer’s plan has seemingly laid the groundwork for an epic battle between good and evil; the likes of which the world has never seen.