Marcus A Allen

Author’s Vision

To preach the gospel of Christ to the world and to restore the faith of God to his people. His greatest hope is to bring honor, power, and truth back to the kingdom of God.

The Lord anointed Brother Allen to write the Holy Ghost inspired book, The Commandments  of Love. This was completed 21 years ago, but it wasn’t until now that he was given permission by the Holy Ghost to release it to the world; believing that the time for such relevant discourse had arrived.

It is Brother Allen’s hope, through the guidance of the Holy Spirit, to bring about a spiritual reform in the church, so powerful that it will literally change the Christian landscape as we know it.

Brother Allen is confident that his books will play a huge role in the restoration and reconciliation process of God’s people. He truly believes that the church needs to regain its honor, faith, and respect of God. The lack of trust and pervasive unbelief presently being experienced and observed by the world, as it concerns the church of Christ, is something that has been overlooked by the church for far too long.

The Author’s Story

Brother Allen has been a pastor and minister of the gospel of Christ for more than 30 years. Born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, Brother Allen was born-again into the kingdom of God in September, 1976 and was ordained as pastor through Christian Faith Fellowship Ministry in 1983.  Brother Allen’s greatest passion is to preach and teach the true Word of God to as many as the Lord will allow.  He has had the pleasure of studying under many great bishops, pastors, prophets, and ministers in the gospel, as well as having the rare opportunity to teach the Word and evangelize the gospel to thousands of believers in several different countries, on three different continents.

Brother Allen is both the pastor and founder of World Overcomers’ Faith Ministry and World Overcomers’ Faith Ministry Publishing, L.L.C. He is the author of the Christian books The Impossible Way trilogy, The Commandments of Love, and several novels such as The Corporate Genius, The Diary of a Ghost and Paganini & The Curse of the Trumpet. Three of Brother Allen’s novels have been adapted to screenplay; with a fourth original screenplay currently being drafted for imminent publication.

Brother Allen graduated from Northwood University, with honors. He served in the US Army for twelve years. While in the military he participated in Operation Desert Storm/Desert Shield Gulf War in 1990.

In addition to having performed with many top names artist in the music industry, Mr. Allen is also a classically trained trumpet and oboe player. After leaving the military, he held a position as principal trumpeter with the DWSO (Detroit Wind Symphony Orchestra) before becoming a solo jazz recording artist. His most recent CD, Lavish Living, was solely written, composed and arranged by him.

Personal Convictions

THE MESSAGE: “Faith grows greater in power, the further it gets from sight.” Here is the question . . . What would you do if you were suddenly given the revelation to a 2,000 year-old mystery? The answer to this question was simple for me . . . announce it “LOUDLY” to the world. Case in point – this is why this website exists that I might share this truth with both believers and non-believers alike.

The Impossible Way opens up the meaning of many of the sayings in the epistles, particularly as they pertain unto God’s love, faith, and salvation. This trilogy and three book series are packed with messages from the scriptures which will help every readers stay ever-mindful of the practical application of God’s Word. Over 1,200 scriptures have been used in this book to teach the importance of God’s Agape love to his people, as well as making many of the precepts and mysteries of Christ and the kingdom of God known to all.

Countless pastors, teachers, and students will want to study The Impossible Way as a trilogy, or in their individual parts. The author plans to introduce a study-guide that will help his reader better understand many of the parables and mysteries of Christ.

PROBLEM: The false prophets in the world have had 95% of believers off course. Contrary to popular belief, God’s power is not embedded in faith at all; but in His love. This was the very reason why Christ commanded us to love one another, because, he knew that this was something that the world at large was incapable of performing. Faith being alone cannot work apart from love; because love is the true healing power of God. Both the world and the church alike are ONE HUNDRED MILES off course from a ONE MILE trip. This was the very thing that happened to the Children of Israel, who took 40 years to complete an 11 day journey across the desert. Once I understood this folly and it’s effect upon in the church I knew, by the Holy Ghost in me, that I had to reveal this truth, so that men everywhere would and could find their way to God, through the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus.