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The Impossible Way (Trilogy)

I learned to write through the influence and guidance of the Holy Spirit, and I haven’t been able to put my pen down since. I seek to be a voice and mouthpiece for the Lord. My campaign is simple, to preach the TRUE gospel of Christ without the need or desire to make a profit. True, money is a necessity in this world, but it is not why I write.

To teach you to love in the manner Christ prescribed is my ultimate goal, and to do so in a selfless manner is my gift to God. To tell the world that they have been bamboozled by the false prophets, and that they do not have to listen to these hypocrites any longer is my joy. I seek to set the people free, even as my Lord came to do. I pray that all men would see that I have come in the name of the Lord, for to do his will only.

In a world inundated with religions and beliefs of every kind, many people, in their quest to find God, are often times left sifting through the spiritual rubble, trying to piece together their lives. Finally, the Lord gave me a book that is able to heal the broken hearts, give sight to the blind, raise the dead, and cast out devils. I seek to put an end to lies of all of those who have been affected by the spiritual fall out of the many misguided teachings.

Please pick up a copy of The Impossible Way today.  This book contains many of the things you have always wanted to know about the love which the Lord, Jesus Christ taught concerning the heavenly Father. Displaying God’s Agape love in the world is the prevailing theme.  The Impossible Way (Trilogy) book is a compendium of spiritual truths. The author answers three basic questions that sit at the core of every believer’s heart:  Who has the truth? Which way should we go to find the truth?  And what should we do with this truth, once we have it?    ————————————————-

Bio: The author was born in Detroit in 1960. 12 years in the United States Army.  Member of the DWSO from 1992-1994. Two time jazz recording artist, and the inventor of the Deadbolt Latchlock.  Four time International champion martial artist. Author of the Sci-fi novel, Paganini & The Curse of the Trumpet, and the non-fiction self-help book, Pain: A Force of Nature (18 Ways to Overcome Mental & Emotional Pain). I graduated with honors from Northwood University in 2013.  Pastor of the Bremen Pentecostal Church in Bremen, Germany 1983 – 1984;  Pastor of the International Christian Fellowship Ministry in Seoul, Korea 1985-87;  Pastor of the World Overcomers’ Faith Ministry 1997-present. This book was shut up by the Holy Ghost that I should not divulge its contents, until now.  Why me, you might ask; because, as we all know by the Word that God hath chosen the foolish, weak and base things of this world to confound and bring to naught the things that are wise, mighty, and noble?  I Corinthians 1:28.

The Impossible Way reveals the misguided directions messengers of false teachings have taken both the people and the church. No matter whom you are or what level of knowledge you might have in Christ, after reading this book, the one question that shall be engraved in your mind is:  Why does the rest of the world NOT know these simple truths?  This book will have you questioning the resolve of things you thought you knew about the faithfulness of God in the reality of himself.

The Impossible Way was written for the purpose of rebuilding, strengthening, and edifying the body of Christ.  Despite the erroneous teachings today, this book seeks to realign man’s spiritual compass and to help them re-establish their faith in God.  Displaying God’s Agape love in the world, understanding the mysteries of Christ, and realizing God’s undying love for his man are the prevailing themes of this book.

– Always Agape – Purchase

Rise of the Guardian

Paganini & The Curse of the Trumpet

The Curse of the Trumpet is a delightfully new Christian fantasy fiction story about a trumpet that God gave to a man named Nicolas Iavanni Paganini to make. The trumpet was sent to the earth to save the world and to stop the devil from coming back from hell and death to destroy mankind. Paganini, tried to put the trumpet on display, but when it came time for the people to hear the trumpet, it would not play.

His act of disobedience against the Lord angered Paganini and brought shame on himself, Paganini took the trumpet to a sorcerer who puts a curse on it. Once the curse was cast on the trumpet, Paganini ends up living for four hundred and fifty years until God sends “The One” to play it.

The brilliance of the trumpet brings about a great awe from the people of the world for many years, many of whom wondered at its reason for existing, seeing as how the trumpet doesn’t play. Later, the Lord raises up an autistic child, who is unbeknownst to Satan, grows up to become “The Guardian of God” on the earth, whom God uses to save mankind from the destruction, which the beast of Satan was preparing to bring about. Together, with the help of the trumpet, (Nicholas Ivan Page), “The One” succeeds at defeating the beast of Satan (Metavaldi) and puts him away.

This refreshing new story allows the readers the freedom to exercise the imagination of their minds. Couple this with appropriate discourse and sensible dialogue suitable for every community and you have a win-win combination. This charming little novel is written using everyday people as characters, who come from common settings and common backgrounds. But once these characters combine their efforts together, they discover the awesome love and power of God.

This book keeps in the tradition of those whose spiritual beliefs depict Satan as the true foe of God and man, the one true demon who is responsible for antagonizing and exploiting man daily; something that he does in order to bring about death, doom, and destruction in this world. This captivating new novel pulls no punches, as it fully engulfs the reader’s mind, allowing them the distinct pleasure of coming face to face with this beast of Satan who wants nothing more than to destroy all of mankind.

This larger-than-life novel hides nothing that isn’t already known or believed by man, as it brings to life what many have feared for centuries, that is, as far as Satan is concerned. The Curse of the Trumpet is a book that depicts God as God, man as man, and Satan (and the beast of Satan) as Satan. This book is filled with suspense, drama, and mystery all at the same time, as it takes you on a wonderful journey inside the mind of God. First and foremost, the title of this book, The Curse of the Trumpet itself is merely a figure of speech that is a total contradiction to the premise of the book. In fact, after reading this book, its readers soon come to realize that the trumpet is not actually cursed at all; rather, they will discover that the trumpet is really a wonderful creation and gift of God to man, for the salvation of the world and its inhabitants.

This story is based on the ordained position of the archangel Gabriel (the messenger of God), whose duty it is to sound the Lord’s coming (the Day of the Lord). The Curse of the Trumpet is a delightfully pleasant new young reader’s fiction novel based on the memoirs of a fictional character named Ann Roberson. This character is set to give narration and dialogue based on the events that were derived from her personal experiences with the trumpet, its maker, and “The One.” Purchase

The Commandments of Love

The Commandments of Love is a book that reveals how to live by the principles and precepts of God’s Agape love, as it tells of the importance and the meaning of the commandments our Lord, Jesus Christ left us. This book seeks to undo much of the spiritual damage that decades of erroneous teachings have done to the church.  If you have ever thought about what the love of God is, and what its purpose, then today you shall learn about the power of God’s love.

As you read this book, you will not only learn how to identify God’s voice and his love, but you will know how to obey the Lord as well. Everyone who reads this book will become familiar with God’s voice, His love, and His relentless pursuit to save his man and to bring him unto perfection in Christ.  If you have ever wanted to know what it really means to follow the voice of God, then prepare to be awakened in your spiritual hearing like never before.

One of the greatest things that every reader will learn after reading this book is what faith is, and how it can be used by believers, as a type of homing beacon to summon the very power of God to the scene of their every concern. You will learn the differences between carnal beliefs and spiritual faith; and truth versus tradition. Moreover, the reader will understand the difference between a false prophet and a true minister of God.

The Commandments of Love dispels many of the false notions, beliefs, and practices observed in churches the world over.  The Commandments of Love reveals the reality of the person of God that was in Christ, as it explains how God comes to lives inside of every believer.  This book reveals how spiritual pollutants: such as hatred, fear, and doubt can stifle the very power of God.

After reading this book, every reader will have learned what it means to be a true overcomer through Christ, and how matters of the church today still rest wholly upon Christ’s approval.  Lastly, you will learn why God, because of His love alone, has put all authority of the church into the hands of His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ.

In a country with over 150,000,000 Christian believers, eight major denominations, and hundreds of versions of “the truth,” how exactly are people supposed to serve God from their hearts?  With such great stats as these, how is it that no Christ-like miracles are occurring and grabbing the headlines of every major newspaper in this country?  With such a vast number of believers in this country, then shouldn’t the miracles of Christ be occurring in epic proportion around the world?  Why is this not happening?  If Christ has not changed his promise to us, then what is meant this his statement; for he said, “. . . I will never leave you nor forsake you . . .”

The United States is flooded with Christian churches that are filled with men and women of God who have the knowledge of God; so then, why does it appear as though their messages have fallen upon deaf ears?  With so much erroneous teaching coming forth in the church, how are people supposed to find their way to God, or even display his love to the world if they do not know what God’s Agape love is?

In the past 20 years alone the number of Christian converts has dropped a whopping 44%.  Conversely, during this same period of time, converts of other religions have grown exponentially.  The sad truth is men and women throughout this country have simply stopped listening and heeding to the gospel of Christ as they should, and they have started following other religious doctrines and beliefs instead. Purchase

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If you want to know the truth about God, and your place in Jesus Christ then pick up a copy of The Impossible Way today. I guarantee that you will want to own and share the entire three book series with everyone. Help me complete the work Christ and the apostles started. Purchase